About us

I hope the following information will allow you to see how much we as a family appreciate and love our animals, of course our first love is of our dogs no matter what breed but we havve primarily been involved with GSD's & Cairn Terriers over many yeaars and gained a wealth of information in connection with owning, breeding, showing, judging and training.

I became a lover of dogs, especially G.S.D's when my father purchased his first puppy when I was only 8 years old, around 1966  I started to work at weekends in the Ramacon Show Kennels, mucking out, exercising the dogs, helping at shows and also working my own G.S.D Peggy in Test "C" Obedience.  At that time I was the youngest person in the country training and working a dog at this level.


Over the years working with Marge and Will Rankin I developed a real passion and love of the breed, I learnt about breeding, handling, grooming and whelping which set me in good stead when, after getting married and having my children, my husband by this time had become as "love struck" as me so we decided to start our own line of G.S.D's under the CARERNWIL affix.


The name kennel affix of Carernwil was made up from CAR (the first three letters of our surname Carter) ERN (the first three letters of my fathers christian name Ernest who started my love of G.S.D's) and WIL (the first three letters of Will Rankins christian name, who let us have our first foundation bitch to start our line and helped us to develop "our own style" )


Both Will and Marge Rankin are both now sadly deceased, Marge passing away December 2010 just before her 92nd birthday, she was a great inspiration to us and a fountain of knowledge and support, she is still sadly missed. 

My Husband and I produced a number of very successful and prominent dogs in the breed, and our blood lines are still being continued (in other hands, for more enquiries Tel: Vicky Bell 07890 891594) we had been successfully involved with Judging, Breeding and showing G.S.D's (German Shepherd Dogs) for over 45 years but in 2010 we obtained a Cairn Terrier puppy and started showing Cairn Terriers in February 2011, a breed which I have loved since our first Cairn Terrier, Penny, who was first and foremost a family pet, she ran alongside our G.S.D's for many years, our children showing her while we showed our G.S.D's, she was agreat companion to them as they grew up, on many occassions she spend hours being pushed around the garden in a dolls pram!!


We hope you will find the information on our website about both Cairn Terriers and G.S.D's, interesting, together with the details of our much loved dogs both past and present.


We are so pleased we chose Cairn Terriers for our second breed although our first love was always for G.S.D's due to my increasing problems with Arthritis we decided to find a smaller breed so that we could still enjoy showing, (we felt we could not get the same feeling by having our dogs professionally handled, we enjoy being "hands on") and what a good choice we made, we are really enjoying showing our Cairns, what lovely helpful people we have found in this breed and we hope to make many more friends in the future.


A big THANK YOU to Patricia Clarke for leting us to have some wonderfully bred dogs and for allowing them to come to the USA with us, we know how difficult it was for you to say goodbye to them but hopefully we will do you proud here in Florida and you and Doug will be regular visitors to watch their progress.