Carernwil German Shepherd Dogs - Past & Present

Here are some of our Adult German Shepherd Dogs and Bitches, past and present - unfortunately more past than present, we now have only one 9 year old male stud dog remaining resident with us and his half litter sister Ellie who lives with my Daughter, but they were all dearly loved and sadly missed and were excellent examples of the breed in both temperament and conformation and we are very proud of what we achieved over the years both in the show ring but more impoprtantly as family pets.

All my dogs, children and then grandchildren all grew up side by side with never a cross word between them, each of our dogs were true companions and guardians to our family and we have so many very happy memories of those times, now sadly passed but we are embracing our new breed, the Cairn Terrier and feel revitalised with their energy and enthusiasm.

G.S.D Photo gallery: