TWO DOG PUPIES AGED 4 WEEKS - It is always great to have a litter of puppies, no matter how many you rear you never find two the same, they are all individual in their own right and in turn all leave a mark on your heart when they leave.  We always hope that with care we find good homes for all our puppies where they can lead exciting and productive long healthy lives.  No puppies leave until they are fully weaned and standing on their own two feet (or should I say four feet!!), each puppy in wormed 3 times, at 3, 5 and 7 weeks before going to his or her new family.

HARRY AGED 15 WEEKS - What a transformation, now a little dog, still cute but full of mischief and so much energy to burn with a quick brain, he has now learnt to escape from the playpen (where he has his rest time) he now knows that he can put his paw through the bars andpush the catch up, and he is lose.........but we are more clever, we get a screw driver and tighten it can see the confusion on his face asking himself "why is this not working now?"



Our dear little Harry qualified for Crufts 2014 at his very first show out at just 6 months only a couple of days before.  What a little star.....