Show Results - Carradine Alfie The Great at Carernwil

(Hydecastle Norman x Wyeafon Miss Minnie)

What can I say about Alfie.....he is a all male dog, even thoough now castrated, very independent and confident with a very intelligent mind of his own.  He is very affectionate and loving but always on his terms when he wants fuss.  He loves to play and go for walks with Izzie, absolute but he has a "dark" side and can get too excited if playing and when visitors arrive he is so over whelmed he is totally uncontrolable but we do love him and have learnt to live with him


PERMANENTLY RETIRED NOW FROM SHOW LIFE enjoys lounging on the sofa!!



Newark & Notts Open Show                  Junior                      Res

Terrier Association Open Show             Puppy                      2nd

Midlands Cairn Terrier Open Show        Minor Puppy Dog      1st

West Torrington Open Show                 Junior                      3rd

Scottish Breeds CH Show                     Minor Puppy Dog      3rd

National Terrier CH Show                     Minor Puppy Dog      2nd

Mount Sorrell & District Open Show       Puppy                     1st-BP-BOB-PG3

Cairn Terrier Association CH Show        Minor Puppy Dog     2nd

Scottish Cairn Terrier CH Show             Minor Puppy Dog     3rd

Derby Canine Society Open Show         Puppy                    2nd

Scottish Kennel Club CH Show              Puppy Dog             1st - BPD

Southern Counties CH Show                 Puppy Dog             3rd

Three Counties CH Show                      Puppy Dog             1st - BPD

Border Union CH Show                         Puppy Dog             3rd

Southern Cairn Terrier CH Show           Puppy Dog              1st

Joint Cairn Terrier Club Show               Puppy                    3rd

Leeds CH Show                                   Puppy Dog             1st - BPD

East Midlands Open Show                     Graduate               2nd

Darlington CH Show                             Junior Dog              2nd

Southern Cairn Terrier Club                 Junior                      2nd

Southern Cairn Terrier Club                 Novice                     2nd

Driffield Agricultural CH Show               Junior Dog               3rd

Midland CT Limited Show                     Graduate Dog           1st

CRUFT 2012                                      Yearling Dog                   2nd

West Torrington Open Show                 Graduate                  2nd

Newark & Nottingham Agri                   Post Graduate           1st

Frenchville Open Show                         Post Graduate           1st